Customize your Facebook Groups URL

Facebook groups integrates everyone and gives freedom to discuss and to share their thoughts in one place. Apart from this, if you are an admin for your Facebook group, then obviously you will try to promote your Fb groups within in your Friends or with someone.

When you promote your Fb group with a conventional number format URL which is assigned earlier by Facebook at the creation time, people have chance to forget about your group URL.

Your URL should be short and crispy to let me tell you about how to change your Facebook groups URL.

1.Sign in to your Fb account

2.Go to your Group main page (you should be the Admin of that group,without that you can’t do any modifications).

3.In the top right corner (below the cover image) you can see a gear shape symbol.Click that !

4.Next click on Edit group setting,it will loads you to next page.there you will see set up group email .

Create customized url in facebook

5.By setting up group email your Fb group URL will get customized .


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