How to increase your traffic to your Website

Today i am going to explain briefly about the techniques to drag the visitors to your website and to stay forever.

1.Make unique content : As much you work to post a unique content, you can see visitors numbers increasing.Visitors always becomes bore,while they see the same content, what the other websites publishing better than you.You should be sure that, you are the only one writing content on the particular topic.That much you should be unique! For topics ideas you can search for Web.

2.Find Right Audience :Speaking jargon with the non-technical person will not result you anything.You should wind up you and look for some one at last.So be conscious in finding your own audience.Try to search the people in the same interest of your topics with the help of social media ,forums,etc ..

3.Make the right post at the right time:Most people like to read seasonal articles .you may ask what is seasonal articles? keep it an example, if it is December – Christmas month, you can write about the beliefs and hopes of Jesus.Visitors loves to read these stuff’s .

4.Post Something:Make people to believe on your website.Make them to see a new stuff when they visiting each time to your website.If you don’t have time for regular post, please let people to know about your next post schedule.This will help you to have a good bond relationship with your readers.

5.Make tie up :Make tie up with other websites and exchange traffic within yourself. And ask some niche writers to write in your Website.

6.Notify through E-mail:Notify your readers about a new post in through e-mail.Don’t make their inbox spam,if you so ..then they will¬† vanish your mails and un-subscribe for your notifications .

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