Suicide Tourism

Assisted Suicide

People those who want to end their life can pack their bags and book their tickets to Switzerland to end their life with proper assistance .I know its hard to believe,but

Assisted Suicide (AS)

In Switzerland, 6 right to die organization are operating to assist domestic and foreign nationals for hassle free suicide .Undoubtedly we all of us know that, this will be a controversial topic, although many countries resisting this practice, it is not clearly regulated in Switzerland, which doubled the number of suicide tourist within 4 years.

In 6 organization 4 of them permits foreign nationals, remaining 2 organization allowing only domestic nationals.

These organizations running with the motto of

To live with Dignity and to Die with Dignity

The Non profit organization Dignitas was almost involved in assisted suicide cases  (AS) of people s, who trapped in neurological problems like paralysis, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis .

Almost all deaths were made by taking sodium pentobarbital and helium .Researchers revealed that the 611 non citizens of Switzerland are assisted to die between 2008 Р2012. In this, most of the people s are from Germany (268) and Britain (126), and latest studies revealing that more women (58.5%)  than men were assisted to die in these last few years .


The researchers conclude their study by writing that the “unique phenomenon of suicide tourism in Switzerland may indeed result in the amendment or supplementary guidelines to existing regulations in foreign countries.”


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