Simple Tricks to buy Mi3 – Xiaomi

In the Last Article, we have seen the features of the Mi3 – Xiaomi phone and the popularity in the Indian market.Now this is phone is exclusively available only in Flipkart, an Indian E-commerce Giant.

As we seen earlier in the previous article, buying an Mi3- Xiaomi phone is not that much easier than we think.As in the minutes, phones getting into “out of stock ” in Flipkart.

But fortunately there are some simple tricks (not some rocket formula) are there .

Step 1: Do the initial registration .

Step 2: Log – in to your account on the sale day before 15 minutes, and also ask your Friends and family members to Log – in in to your account in some other different laptops and Pc’s or Mobile Phone.

Step 3: Please be connected with speed internet network.Please refresh your page before Last two minutes in your Laptops and in your friends laptops,Mobile and in Pc’s.

Step 4: When the time comes to the end just watch more closer,don’t refresh your Browser.Now, you or your colleague may get the Buy Now button, as soon as anybody of your team gets the Buy Now button in the browser, Just shot the Buy Now with the ultimate Speed .

Step 5: That’s its.You just added your Phone into your Cart .You can do the payment upto the next day 11:59 PM. Flipkart offered this much of time, to avoid the Payment gateway crash.


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