How do the eyes of animals glow in the Dark

animals eye glow

Whenever you walking through the strange road in the night times, you may get a chance to see  animals eye’s gets glowing. The truth behind the glowing of animal eyes, is the combination of reflection and blood vessels. There will be a layer of crystalline like substance ( tapetum lucidum ) which makes the eyes to reflect in the dark, and also this tapetum lucidum helps the animals to see in the night / in dark. Animals like deer, dog, cat, horse, cattle have tapetum lucidum.

And all the eyes of animals not glows in the same color ,the glowing color of same species animal will be different. This is because of number of blood cells in their eyes. If an animal has, many blood vessels in its eyes then it eyes will glow in reddish color.If its has fewer,then obviously it glows as white in color.

So, hereafter whenever you see the animals glowing eyes, don’t get confused or scare.


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