How to make people to stay on your Blog

Nowadays, Bloggers are trying to find out the different strategy to drag the visitors to their blog. So after getting a visitor inside into your Blog/website .How you will make them to stay with you for a long time .Of course its a tough job for us ! .For that you need ample of content in your blog/website. However some tech’s will help here .

Don’t write

Whenever you write a long blog post in your blog, Don’t write it at one shot. Write it at two or three installments.For an example, if you writing about “How to create a website”, then write it as parts .Like in the first part you write about domain registration and hosting and in the second part write about designing .

So when you are writing¬† as a part, it will help to show the visitors as the “related articles” or “you may also like”. But be careful “Don’t break the article into too many segments if not necessary, if you do that, people wont prefer your Blog/website .Because people likes one stop shop .

Use internal Links

As i told earlier, you can use the internal link ‘s of other article¬† which is related to this article .(it may be for the definition or for understanding or for the promotion of that article )So that people will stay within your blog/website for a while .

If you using word press blogger, then please make sure that your blog showing related articles in bottom of every article.Or else you can do some changes to show up the related articles


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