Best ways to Promote your E-Book

Writing a book is not an easier task, but promoting a book adds more tough to reach people. Every author aspire to have his/her book in the hands of everyone.Unfortunately,this will not be happened in a single day unless,you are a famous author.

In this article i will show you my own and collected tips which will gain you more confident in promoting your E-books.


Promote ebook through BlogYou may get tired by hearing this first way itself, because blogging itself takes more time, needs several articles and promotion.So how can i use this way to promote my e-book ?. But the ” simple answer is we should and we can ” .Creating and Writing best content make confident look among your followers and readers, which will insist them to read your e-book .People simply prefer your e-book to read because of the confident they seen in your writing on your blog.


Get help from Social Networks

promote ebook through social networkMake the catchy news about your e-book and spread the news in your Social networks. People will easily get attracted by this way. You can use pinterest , Twitter and FB. Buying your book is a next matter, at least people should know about your book and who you are.That’s enough.


Make reviews

review your ebook and promoteProvide some free copies for local bloggers and magazine companies to review your book. Good reviews will make the readers to look on your book.For Reviewing your book you can use Netgalley.Netgalley allows user’s to browse various topics and to review it.


Free copies

promote ebook s for freeGiving your e- book for free will drag some readers. You can showcase some glamorous topic in your e-book and make the readers to buy for full version. Adding testimonials is an added advantage and make trust on your e-book.


Rely on You tube

promte e book through youtubePeople love ‘s to watch video’s in You tube. If you are a good video maker,or not too good, make some videos with your own camera about your e-book and spread through You tube channels with a catchy video titles .Talk some useful things which you have comprised in your e-book .And finally shows the download link to download your E-book .

Some Good Places to promote your book Online

1.The Wall of books

2.E- Reader news today

3.Wonder book Land

4.Ask David

5.Free ebooks net

The above websites will also do some premium promotions for your e-book .You should choose a wise plan to promote your e-book.


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