Indian Parliament under WWW

Managing country like India is an apex job.Someone can get satisfied and someone may not satisfied on Government policies and decisions. Often, i use to hear the interesting discussions about the government in our village. Some times, speakers used to praise on Government and some times they stick into reverse points .

But they even don’t know, What is Government, Who is the Head of India and Who is the Chief Minister of State and what is the Power of President ,or What is Economy and finally how his/her bank savings change the Fate of Indian Economy Globally.

They even blunder some time . Cool .

What they Expect

Every citizen of India wants to know, what is Happening inside the Government and how its works .If we split into simple words, they simply need transparency and accountability. On digital world, everyone connected with WORLD WIDE WEB making the expectation from the Government to assure the above said     (Account & Transp).

Government can use the internet for the Better Growth and Development of India. A normal man should get everything on internet. I don’t convince to rely on internet for 100 %. But we can make the changes where its needs and where it will work more efficiently.Believe on me, nobody believe that E- commerce will change the shopping style before the Emergence.Like wise making the         E- Government will surely change the India. Making of E- Government will free us the long queue, red tapism and hassle free environment for officials also .

Cut the Red Tape’s

Red-tapismAvoiding Red Tapism leads the nation to the growing path. Everyone should know one thing “Red Tapism is not only the Red Tape for the file. It also for the whole India “. We can welcome E- Government to eradicate the red tapism culture, a conventional practice followed still in our Government .

India on the growth side

Right Now, we can happy and believe on new government which making the potential changes in Indian administration will leads the India to the development part.


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