Are u a frequent online shopper ?

Are u a frequent online shopper,then this will be the sweetest news for you. You might hear about the cash back option offered by many online shopping sites.

Cash Back Meaning

If you buy a product from an online shopping site, the shopping site will refund some money as an incentive or an offer in the name of cash back.

Before moving to the sweet story, you should know about some other term know as Affiliate. So what is Affiliate, Affiliate deals with commission… (Read more here about Affiliate).


With the technique of affiliate linking and with the deal partnership with more than 500 + Indian and International brands made to rise as

This website provides you a cash back facility by the commission they gets from the online retailer through their affiliate partner program.

Cool….. So what you should do is

How to Avail Cash back

1.Just make a free sign up with .

2.Browse offers from more than 500+ brands and get into the brand website or type the website in the top right search bar,where you want to buy products and enter.Here you should ensure that you are visiting the retailer (Shopping site) through the reference of Cashkaro.

3.After you shop, within 72 hours¬†Cashkaro will add your cash back to your Cashkaro account & send you an email.This remains in ‘Pending’ status till the
retailer pays them.

4.As soon as¬†Cashkaro get the commission from retailers they change the status of your cash back to ‘Confirmed’. This usually takes between 4-12 weeks.

5.When you have Rs 250 or more as ‘Confirmed’ cash back , you can
request payment and Cashkaro will transfer the money to your bank account for free.

Working of

Working of Cashkaro


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