Brain to Brain E- mail

You may wonder, when you hear this. A long time before, we used to write letters to our loved one’s who is in abroad and wait for a reply letter which you get after a month. As technology emerged and we got e-mails and video calling options which added easier communication to our life.

Leaving that part, now  a group of scientist have developed a successful way to transmit words from one person’s brain to another.

Hard to believe…But you have to..

Scientist who involved in this research stating that, ” brain-to-brain data transfer between a person sitting in Trivandrum, India to a receiving person in Strasbourg, France, a distance of 8000 Km can be done by mapping electrical currents in the brain and the spine “.

How it’s Possible

brain to brain

Brain produces weak but distinct electrical signals according to your thoughts. Researchers used EEG ( Electroencephalography measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain ) to translate greetings, such as hola and ciao, into code. Then this was sent from a participant in Trivandrum to Strasbourg, France. A computer installed at Strasbourg translated the message from code to words and implanted them into the receiver’s brain through light electrical stimulation.

Participants who participated in the test haven’t stated any pain or feeling during the data transfer,they just seen some flickers.


We can believe that, it’s a milestone invention in the Medical and IT sector .


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