Onam Starts in India

Kerala’s Traditional 10 day festival Onam have started in India.Peoples Belongs to kerala residing all over the world engaged with the celebrations. Onam celebrated every year by the Keralites on the remembrance of  King Mahabali. Peoples around the world (including USA, Britain) comes to enjoy this special event. As the part of this occasion “Vallamkali” a snake boat race attracts the visitors.

36 type of dishes, served on this occasion adds more joys to our stomach .

Onam Festival

Keralites welcoming with the Pookalam , the traditional Floral Carpet

onam sadhya

Onam feast with 26 – 36 dishes serves in Plantain leaves adds joy to our mouth


“Vallamkali” is the boat race drags more visitors every year


Traditional Dance “Thiruvathira” performed every year by the keralites

Short Video About Onam

If you missed this year celebrations , then be sure to pack up your thinks to attend this Historical Eve next year .I will be there to welcome you .

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