Comedy legend – Mr .Bean

See this Comedy legend here.Can’t control happy and share this with your friends to make them happy too.. nice day 🙂 Continue reading

News Readers caught on the CAM

See the new readers bloopers. How they do blunders. Can’t stop watching, once you started to watching. More collections awaiting inside for you .Get inside baby. 🙂

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Funny Flight Landed on Road

See this funny flight landing on the road .You won’t know whether to cry or laugh 🙂 . See the man who is driving the car .what will you do, if you are the car driver.

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Nathella’s Ice Bucket challenge

Tech Giant Microsoft Satya Nadella takes part in ALS ice bucket challenge and also challenges to Jeff Bezos and Larry Page. Continue reading

How do you rate Expendables 3

Have you seen expendables 3, then how you will rate this movie.Give us your rating Continue reading